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Having started his working life with an apprenticeship in carpentry in Australia, Darren followed this some years later with an MSc in Building Conservation from the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum and the University of Bournemouth. In addition to this, Darren has continued to build upon his knowledge, studying traditional Marmorino plastering in Venice and conservation of mosaics in Ravenna. Darren has worked as a practitioner of traditional skills, an educator and an advisor. In the United Kingdom. Ireland, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Burma and Australia.  Since 2010 Darren has worked almost exclusively on the conservation and repair of historic buildings.  


In 2018, he was appointed an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong responsible for the materials and techniques modules of the postgraduate conservation curriculum.  In addition to teaching for various other academic organisations,  Darren has taught for heritage organisations such as Historic Scotland, The Glasgow City Heritage Trust, The National Trusts of Scotland and Australia. 


​In 2021 Restauro Mclean was created, focusing on historic buildings in Northern Italy, primarily in the Piedmont region.

Darren's C.V. is available here


High quality materials, applied professionally

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